It has been revealed that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 version will have GPS, SpO2 and Amazon Alexa support

So far, unofficial information has been leaked to the internet about some of the features that are expected to be provided with the Mi Band 6 which will be launched this year.

This unofficial information was reported by MagicalUnicorn, a user of the Geekdoing forum, and it is reported that the new device will be known by the code name “Pangu” and the model number by XMSH16HM.

He further revealed that the Mi Band 6 will be seen as a Chinese model (XMSH16HM) and a global model (XMSH15HM), while the Chinese variant will have NFC support and the Global variant will not have NFC support. Is happening.

Also, the Zepp app source code reveals that the Mi Band 6 supports Alexa, as well as a SpO2 sensor to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, and the most important thing to know from this information is that the Mi Band 6 Coming with built-in GPS facility.

It is reported that the Mi Band 6 will have several updated animations for Success, Update and Heart Rate actions, as well as improved watch faces.

The new band is expected to be able to track more physical activities than the Mi Band 5 and below are 19 new activities discovered through the resource file.

Indoor fitness
Indoor ice skating
Core training
Street dance
Table tennis

Other features of the Mi band 6 include the ability to set alarms directly across the band, lock the screen when swimming, a pomodoro timer for better productivity, and the ability to view sleep data within the band.

According to reports, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is expected to be released by June 2021, and the Mi Band 6 will be released to the global market by July.

Considering the price here, it is assumed that this will be available for around US $ 40 and most likely this variant will be available without NFC support.

However, it should be reiterated that this information was leaked by unofficial sources.

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