No one likes being worried. Everyone likes to be happy. But we
all feel so bad when something happens that we don’t like in our life. It is about feelings and emotions. Humans are born with those emotions. But don’t know how to control not to worry by us. So what normally happens is, humans are controlled by feelings. That’s not what should happen. Humans must be capable of controlling them. That’s the most simple idea to be happy.

Reasons to be always worried and get unnecessary depressed stress.

There are thousands of different reasons such as exam tension, work pressure, negative stress, stress dreams, academic stress, job stress financial worry, anxiety, fear, workplace stress, psychological stress, toxic stress etc. which make you always worried and stressed from the day we are born until we die. So no one can tell any specific reason for causes of stress. It completely depends on the situation. It always starts with an incident we don’t ever want to happen. Maybe something we did on our own or perhaps something we never knew. But there are many easy ways to deal with stress pain relief.

What Happens when we feel excessive worry?

Once something stressful happens our mind starts building worried thoughts. This obsessive worrying leads to so many troubles without knowing. It causes signs of worry such as insomnia, anxiety worry, stress diarrhea, headaches, academic stress, stomach problems etc., these worry symptoms, effects of stress on the body can even make you paralyzed. Those things start to happen because you are not good at worry management to overcome your sadness when it is out of control. You were worrying too much about what happened; not what will happen next if you don’t find a way for stress relief management. Dealing with worry is not easy. Nowadays many people work under pressure without any stress relief activities. It can cause side effects of stress if you don’t find your own ways to deal with stress and excessive worrying. You have to always choose happiness over worry and destress.

Ex: A married woman with kids loses her husband by a car accident.
Now the woman is only feeling worried about it and crying. She never thinks beyond that thing. Eventually she gets mad and kids will be
helpless. See deep into this simple example. If that woman stood
up again and see the future of the kids, she would stop worrying
of his death with the time. It will make things better without going worse.

How to stop worrying and start stress management?

First you must realize stress symptoms. According to the above example someone would say it’s easy to say. Dealing with stress is not easy.. Yes. It is very difficult to stop anxious thoughts. That is how human beings are made by nature. Only a few mentally developed people do meditations for stress as effective stress management strategies.

Here is the best way to relieve your stress and change your mind from sadness to happiness to release tension.


Everyone must have heard of this statement. But you may never take it so important and seriously. Yes, It is such a simple stress and relief quote. But it is the number one stress reliever. can keep you happy forever. Simply it means to see the good beyond the bad. When you feel sad, just look into the reason you got sad. Then forget what you lose. You don’t need advanced stress management strategies. Just think that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! It is a natural stress relief method like a meditation for stress to manage stress relief.

You will question “How something bad happens for our good?”

It doesn’t mean it just happened for our good luck. But just talk to your mind and see the above example. Do you still believe the option is being worried and stressed? No way.. Option is to forget the bad thing that happened and be happy. It is not that easy if you are just sitting on the chair and thinking too much over and over. That’s why we need this EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!. That’s the best life quote we can ever learn for instant relief from anxiety and stress. The lifetime solution for all our questions like work stress relief. It teaches you how to overcome sadness through your own mind. Your emotions can’t control when your mind realizes this simple truth.

There may be a lot of books that teach you to control your feelings and many other alternative stress relief. They go in the deep truth starting with this simple thing. People in stress are not in such a mood to read books to overcome the stress. But this is so simple to remember wherever you are, whenever something makes your mind upset. When you realize it works, when you get used to this it will be the first thing that comes to your mind. You will know how effective and how easy this is.


There is one other way to be satisfied with what you have , what you own in your life.
Sometimes we get jealous of others when they own so many things in their life. By that time try to be happy with what we own. We are all not born in the same way. We were born alone. We will die alone. No one will carry any prestige or physical thing when we die. But if we live without bothering anyone we can die happy.

Here is the easy solution to face that moment. Let’s think you are living in a rented house. But your neighbour has got few many luxury houses. Now you are definitely worrying about what you dont have over what you have. Reason is you don’t see the value of what you have. This is how you will see how valuable what you already have and worry no more.

Think about a beggar. Do beggars have houses?

No. Think as you are the beggar. Think if you were that beggar how would you feel about all other people who live in houses while he sleeps nowhere.
You are living in a safe place much better than a beggar. Still you are worrying about what others have. Even that beggar has something to be happy. He is alive, he is dealing with worry.. Every moment many people die for thousands of reasons. No matter how rich. Yet that beggar is so lucky to be alive. That reason is enough not to worry anymore and be happy.

These things are such simple things you can take as a worry cure. Only thing is you don’t see beyond what you see, what you feel, sources of stress. Always learn things simple then you will see the truth to realize your stress level. It will guide you to successful stress management and stop worrying and start living happy now.

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